The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10: ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 10 preview: Daryl and Beth’s journey.

When you had the preview for Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” that aired following the midseason premiere, it made it appear that almost every survivor left was going to appear over the course of the hour. Is that really going to happen? Maybe, but maybe not. It never explicitly said that all of the scenes were from Sunday night’s episode, so it is theoretically possible that we could have more stories split up by episode. For now, all we can say is that for sure, there will be much more of the story of Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene on the show Sunday night … and we’ve got the photo to prove it. This photo was first posted by “Entertainment Tonight,” and it features the two characters off on some sort of excursion. There is obvious one key motivation at the middle of it: Not dying. That’s really nothing better than that, right?

We would be more than happy to have an episode with just these two characters front and center, if for no other reason than that there is so much to like with their stories, and we like the idea of a much more character-focused season 4. This could have worked better in the first half of the season if there wasn’t all the stuff with the sickness at the prison going on, but it seems to be going in a much more effective direction here. Plus, the more Norman Reedus, the better!

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